Standard for Mini-program Architecture and Technical Requirements

Standard Design, Test, and Application Requirements for Microprocessor-Based Controls of Distribution Padmount, Dry Vault, Wet Vault, and Polemount Switchgear Rated Above 1 kV and Up to and Including 38 kV

Cybersecurity for Next-Generation Connectivity Systems–Rethinking Digital Architectures to Safeguard the Next Generation From Cybersecurity Breaches

DIITA-Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Workstream White Paper – Gender and Technology: The Case of the Energy Sector

ISO/IEC/IEEE – International Standard – Telecommunications and information exchange between systems–Specific requirements for local and metropolitan area networks–Part 11: Wireless LAN medium access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) specifications

Cybersecurity in Agile Cloud Computing–Cybersecurity Guidelines for Cloud Access

Industry Connections Program–Need for Establishing Industrial AI Maturity Levels

IEEE 3D Body Processing Industry Connection–Assets and Transformations Definitions

IEEE SA 3D Body Processing Industry Connections–Comparative Analysis of Anthropometric Methods: Past, Present, and Future

Literature Review on Kinematic Properties of Road Users for Use on Safety-Related Models for Automated Driving Systems


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