Open Source Committee

Open Source Committee (OSCOM)

OSCom is an ad-hoc committee of the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) Board of  Governors (BOG) that provides guidance, oversight, and life-cycle management support for IEEE Open Source Projects, including IEEE Open Source Projects incorporated into IEEE standards. OSCom supports the IEEE SA’s marketing and business plans surrounding its Open Source offerings as determined by the IEEE SA Strategic Management and Delivery Committee (SMDC) for Market Incubation and Business Acceleration (MIBA).

OSCom is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, and at least three other members that serve for a term of one year or until replaced. Officers and members may serve for no more than three consecutive terms. All members are appointed by the IEEE SA Board of Governors

2021 OSCOM Roster

Robby Robson Chair
Hong Phuc Dang  Vice Chair
Chuck Adams  
Cat Allman  
Dennis Brophy  
Don Wright  
Joshua Gay ex Officio, Secretary


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