About the Audit Committee (AudCom)

Audit Committee (AUDCOM)

This committee is responsible for conducting routine reviews and inspections to assure that each standards-developing entity, through its Standards Committee and Working Group policies and procedures (P & P), is adhering to the procedures described in the IEEE SA Standards Board Bylaws and the IEEE SA Standards Board Operations Manual.

Accepted IEEE Standards Committee Procedures

About AudCom Members

The committee is comprised of at least five members. Five members, including the chair, must be current or former members of the IEEE SA Standards Board. The chair and other members are appointed by the Chair of the Standards Board for a term of one year.

2022 Roster
Kevin Lu Chair
Edward Addy Andrew Myles
Doug Edwards Mark Siira
Guido Hiertz Lei Wang
Thomas Koshy Keith Waters
Joseph Levy Karl Weber
Howard Li Howard Wolfman
Haiying Lu Daidi Zhong
Daleep Mohla
Lisa Weisser

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