5 Issues at the Heart of Empathic AI

5 Issues at the Heart of Empathic AI

IEEE P7014™ is Creating a Standard for the Ethics of Systems that Interact with Your Emotions.

How Can the Internet of Clothing Benefit Our Wellbeing and Environment?

Innovations in Wearable Technology Allow Brands and Consumers to Reimagine The Future of Clothing

How 6G Can Transform The World and Technology

By Advancing Extended Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Digital Twinning, and more, 6G Shows Potential to Optimize Communications, Interoperability, and Sustainability.

EuroDig 2022 – Cybersecurity Standards For Trustworthy Digital Technologies

IEEE Discusses the Value of Collaboration and Importance of Standards Implementation as Part of the European Cybersecurity Strategy

Addressing the Need for Protecting Cybersecurity in Connected Diabetes Devices

IEEE 2621™ Series Defines a Foundational Security Framework and Specifies Requirements for Cybersecurity Assurance

8 Examples of Protecting Children’s Data Privacy and Fostering a Positive Experience

IEEE SA Releases the 2nd Edition of Applied Case Studies for Designing Trustworthy Digital Experiences for Children

IEEE P802.3dg Aims to Advance Ethernet for Industrial and Operational Technology Applications

Supplying Higher-Speed, Long-Reach 100 Mb/s Single Pair Ethernet and Power for New, Harsher Environments

IEEE Standards in Everyday Life: Summer Vacation

How IEEE Standards Are Enhancing Your Summer Vacation

WSIS Forum 2022: Designing A Sustainable Future

IEEE Discusses Information and Communications Technology, Time Sensitive Networking, and Age Appropriate Design

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