New IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ Simplifies Guidance for Industrial & Commercial Power Systems


The IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ provides a fresh approach, splitting up the thirteen Color Books into smaller, more narrowly focused technical standards. Each standard within the collection is made up of a large number of “dot” standards (approximately 70 in all), which focus on a specific technical topic. For example, “IEEE 3001 Standards: Power Systems Design”, will be made up of a number of individual dot standards, each of which will provide recommended practices for a specific power system design topic, such as, evaluating service requirements, applying power distribution apparatus, instrumentation and metering, etc. Because these standards will be shorter and more narrowly focused, the revision, balloting, and approval process will be more timely and efficient than in the past. At the same time, with the ability to locate and access any dot standard online, power engineers will be able to more quickly zero in on the relevant information they need.

First New “dot” Standards Now Available
IEEE has published the first three of these dot standards:

  • IEEE 3007.1™: Recommended Practice for the Operation and Management of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
  • IEEE 3007.2™: Recommended Practice for the Maintenance of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems
  • IEEE 3007.3™: Recommended Practice for Electrical Safety in Industrial and Commercial Power Systems

Covering power plant maintenance, operations, and safety, the IEEE 3007.1 standard is organized into three broad categories: documentation, system operation, and control responsibilities, including switching and clearing. The IEEE 3007.2 standard covers the fundamentals of equipment maintenance, including maintenance strategies and testing methods. IEEE 3007.3 standard addresses all aspects of electrical safety in industrial and commercial power systems and provides clear guidelines aimed at promoting the understanding of the fundamental concepts of electricity hazards.

The IEEE 3000 Standards Collection™ will continue to be published over the next several years. The collection will include an introductory standard (IEEE 3000 Standard: Fundamentals), which will provide a framework for all subsequent dot standards. It will offer a generalized overview of power system design, installation, operation, and maintenance, with references to the dot standards that provide more detailed information on specific applications and environments.

For more information about the IEEE Standards Collection, visit the IEEE SA Web site.

IEEE 3007.1, IEEE 3007.2, and IEEE 3007.3 are available for purchase from the IEEE Standards Store.

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