Training and Resources

Training and Resources

The IEEE SA Editorial Guidance Hub provides training on the foundational concepts you will need for successful draft development (e.g., verb usage, normative vs. informative, and legal concerns). It also provides training for implementing tools like the draft templates, the IEEE SA Standards Style Manual, and more. We recommend that standards writers visit the Hub and work through the materials to help ensure creation of a quality standards draft.

The vast majority of IEEE SA Working Groups work in either Adobe FrameMaker® or Microsoft Word®. We try our best to make our templates usable by people with different skill levels and hope the provided resources are instructive. For help navigating IEEE SA templates, please visit the Hub or contact the publishing team at [email protected].

If you want to work in another platform, please contact the publishing team before beginning the work.

Check Out ILN For:

The Microsoft Word® Template: How-To Video Tutorials

Instructional Videos on How To Draft an IEEE Standard

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