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Cracking the Code on Medication Adherence with an Ingestible Sensor

1 April 2020

What are the current challenges that the industry is facing with the implementation of decentralized clinical trials -DCTs- during the COVID-19 pandemic? What will be the persisting challenges related to DCTs after COVID-19? Successful implementation of DCTs requires careful coordination of medical, logistical/operational, regulatory/quality, technological and legal matters that involve multidisciplinary teams. Currently, DCTs represent novel clinical research approaches led by industry efforts to expedite and optimize medical product development, testing and commercialization. Two industry experts -Mr. Craig Lipset and Mr. Walter DeBrower-, and a regulator and clinical scientist expert -Dr. Isaac Rodriguez-Chavez- will share thoughts about the opportunities that exist in revolutionizing business strategies to enhance DCT efficiencies by harmonizing new technology applications with existing platforms. This live broadcast session is an open opportunity for all attendees to participate in a question and answer interactive format.


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