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Overview of Medical Device Communication Test Methods and the NIST Test Framework

3 April 2020

NIST Computer Scientist John J. Garguilo will provide an overview of activities regarding medical device communication landscape, standards development, and domain development efforts to effect safe, semantically reliable, and verifiable data communications (primarily) from the medical device point-of-care to the healthcare “enterprise”. Mr. Garguilo will discuss several prominent and current standards activities and medical device domain development efforts to produce common “device profiles” derived from high-impact use cases and via the NIST Test Framework – a set of test tools leading to standards-based test instances. Such tooling advances the level of rigor and provides a “single source of truth” based on Health Level Seven ( messaging standards and the IEEE-SA ( medical device communication nomenclature and domain information models. Mr. Garguilo will also provide an overview of the freely and publicly available NIST Test Framework components which contribute to common use and device conformance leading to interoperability.


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