The EmTech AG Emerging Star Poster Submission

The EmTech AG Emerging Star Poster Submission

We are seeking progressive thinkers and emerging technologists to submit a poster on their research in the use blockchain/DLT, artificial intelligence (AI) and/or internet of things (IoT) in securing, optimizing or tracking the agriculture/food value chain from source to table.

Poster submissions must demonstrate the following:

  • Thorough understanding of the problem on any point or throughout the agriculture to food value chain.
  • The submission must include the use of at least one of the “new” technologies mention (AI, Blockchain/DLT, or IOT). Submission can show in combination with current technologies or combination of the new technologies.
  • A technical or research white paper that explains the dynamics around the users of the technology, where optimization (saving time, money or resources) would occur and challenges in moving forward to implementing the technology
  • An original and non-commercialized concept
  • Submissions require a snapshot or preview of the poster design.

Who can submit?

Poster presentations are reserved for researchers, technologists or other interested party who have a model that is original, not yet commercialized or funded through any other organization or institution. The idea must be an original concept and submitted with supporting documentation (ie. technical or research whitepaper). Supporting documentation will be shared with the registered attendees before the event. Ideal candidates for this opportunity include but not limited to:

  • Post-doc researchers or university professors
  • NGO (non-government organization) researchers
  • Non-profit association researcher

Benefits of Participation

Accepted poster submissions will be on display during the 1.5 days of the EmTech Ag Forum. The author of the poster will receive a free registration for the entire event (note: if there is more than one author on the poster, only one author will get the free registration). The accepted poster design will be on display on the Forum website will be on display leading up to the event and six months after with a link to the supporting documentation.

The supporting research or technical whitepaper will be shared with all the Forum attendees before the event. The posters will be reviewed by all Forum attendees and they will have the opportunity to vote on what they think provides the most cutting-edge and viable model for real-world business application.  

The poster with the most votes will be the winning idea. The winner will have the opportunity to submit an article for the IEEE SA Life Science e-newsletter based on their poster design, participate in a one-on-one podcast interview about the winning idea and finally have their whitepaper accessible from the IEEE SA Life Science Agriculture section of the website.

Submission Deadline is 1 November 2019

Review of Submissions

All submissions will be reviewed based on the chronological order submitted. Authors of the accepted poster submissions will be notified of their acceptance as soon as possible after submission.  Submissions will be evaluated based on required criteria and understanding of the subject matter. Accepted submissions require at least one person to be present at the Forum to discuss their idea. If you cannot attend the Forum, your submission will not be on display during the event.

How To Submit

Submissions are free. Please follow the instructions included here to submit your presentation for review.

In the email, you must include the following:

  • Your full contact information (Full name, job title, institution, email address, city, state, country)
  • The title of your poster
  • A Whitepaper or Research Paper supporting the development of the poster (PDF format)
  • An image of your poster (PDF or JPEG format)
  • Should your poster be accepted, please indicate in the email, if you would be able to attend the event in person to discuss the concept of your submission.  

Please note that travel expenses to the Forum will not be covered. Forum registration will be free to one author of each submission.


Please contact Maria Palombini, IEEE SA Life Science Practice lead at [email protected].


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