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Biosensors/Wireless Medical Devices

The challenges and practical applications of new and emerging trends for sensors used in medical/health/fitness devices.

Session 3: April 1, 2020

Cracking the Code on Medication Adherence with an Ingestible Sensor

Session 4: April 3, 2020

Overview of Medical Device Communication Test Methods and the NIST Test Framework

  • John J. Garguilo – Supervisory Computer Scientist, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Session 6: April 16, 2020

Unique Device Identification (UDI) Across The Device Landscape

  • Terrie Reed – Principal, Reed McCullough LLC
  • Ken Fuchs, Sr – Standards Consultant, Draeger Medical Systems, Inc
Session 7: April 17, 2020

Self-Powered Wearable Devices and Sensing Systems from the ASSIST ERC

  • Adam Curry – Innovation Ecosystem Director, Center for Advanced Self-Powered Systems of Integrated Sensors and Technologies (ASSIST)
Session 10: June 10, 2020

The Open Wearables Initiative: Helping Realize the Potential of Wearables to Revolutionize Clinical Trials

Session 11: June 18, 2020

Wearable Computing Systems based on Body Sensor Networks: State-of-the-Art and Future Research Challenges


Critical issues, threats and obstacles in connected wireless medical devices. Learn about various case studies and how to address these challenges.

Session 1: March 26, 2020

Blockchain and Smart Contract Security in Practice

Session 5: April 3, 2020

TIPPSS for Connected Healthcare - Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security

Session 8: April 30, 2020

What Medical Device Vendors Can Learn From Past Cybersecurity Vulnerability Disclosures

Session 20: December 9, 2020

Re-Envisioning Bioinnovation in the Age of AI

  • Nancy D. Connell PhD – Professor and Senior Scholar, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security
  • Kobi Leins – Senior Researcher, Melbourne University
  • Filippa Lentzos PhD – Senior Researcher, King´s College London
  • Moderator: Anja Kaspersen – Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council Security and Diversity by Design

Decentralized Clinical Trials

Accelerating drug development and achieving true patient inclusion by enabling trust and validation of technologies for clinical trials at the home through new industry standards.

Session 12: July 29, 2020

Tech and Data Harmonization for Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs): Challenges and Opportunities

Session 13: August 12, 2020

Technology and Institutional Review Board (IRB) Considerations for Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT)

Session 14: August 27, 2020

Achieving Inclusion, Diversity and Quality in Patient Recruitment with Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)

  • Shelly Barnes –  GCSO Innovation, UCB Pharma
  • Basker Gummadi – Director Technology and Innovation at Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Moderator: Melissa SwoopeSr. Manager II, Specialty Pharmacy Clinical Program Development & Outcomes, Walmart
Session 15: September 9, 2020

Patient Safety and Privacy for Decentralized Clinical Trials

Session 17: October 12, 2020

Practical Implications for Data Interoperability and Use of Blockchain in Decentralized Clinical Trials

Patient Data Privacy & Governance

Developing responsible solutions for providing the right for patients to consent to share and transact their health data.

Session 9: June 8, 2020

The Great Migration Online: Connected Health and Wellness in a Challenged Cyberspace

  • Nicholas Napp – Founder, Xmark Labs & Steering Committee Member, IEEE Digital Reality Initiative
  • Monique Morrow – Senior Distinguished Architect, Emerging Technologies, Syniverse
  • Dr. Becky Inkster – Neuroscientist; The Lancet Digital Health, International Advisory Board Member
  • Moderator: Greg Adamson – Chair, IEEE SA Digital Inclusion Identity, Trust & Agency Industry Connections Program
Session 16: September 22, 2020

Mental Health & Resilience - Supporting Health, Wellness, Identity & Agency During COVID-19

Robotics/Autonomous Systems

Understanding the benefits and need for autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and information engineering to help advance healthcare.

Session 2: March 27, 2020

The Knowledge Model


Addressing today’s challenges of remote healthcare delivery to realize the future of mobilized healthcare comprising a robust, private, connected bioinformatics highway.

Session 18: October 29, 2020

Quantum-Safe Security Solutions for Remote Patient Monitoring and Telehealth

  • Maëva Ghonda – ATARC Chair, IEEE Quantum Security Working Group Chair
  • Bruno Huttner – Director of Strategic Quantum Initiatives, ID Quantique
Session 19: November 18, 2020

NIST NCCoE Securing Telehealth Remote Patient Monitoring

  • Jennifer Cawthra – NIST Principal Investigator
  • Sue Wang – NCCoE/MITRE Principal Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Moderator: Maëva Ghonda – ATARC Chair, IEEE Quantum Security Working Group Chair
Session 21: December 10, 2020

Exclusive Interview of Board Member and Healthcare Innovator at Siemens Healthineers

Session 22: May 12, 2021

Opportunities and Challenges in Telehealth Addressing Health Inequality: A Perspective from Europe and Asia

  • Moderator: Maria PalombiniDirector, Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice Leader, IEEE SA
  • Narendra Mangra – Principal, GlobeNet LLC
  • Dr. Sergio Pillon – Coordinator of Digital Transformation, ASL Frosinone – Regione Lazio
  • Dr. Arun Jose – Senior Program Manager, Public Health Foundation of India
  • Micaela Seemann Monteiro – Chief Medical Officer for Digital Transformation, José de Mello Saúde, Portugal
Session 23: May 26, 2021

Opportunities and Challenges in Telehealth Addressing Health Inequality: A Perspective from the Americas

  • Moderator: Maria PalombiniDirector, Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice Leader, IEEE SA
  • Bruce Hecht – Founder of VG2PLAY and MIT SDM Fellow
  • Dr. Jefferson Gomes FernandesVice President, Brazilian Association of Telemedicine and Telehealth, Coordinator, Telemedicine Education Program, Medical Association of São Paulo, Brazil. CEO, SPECIS
  • James T McElligottExecutive Medical Director for the Center for Telehealth at Medical University of South Carolina


Helping to drive technology through a dynamic and diverse collection of interested stakeholders.

Session 24: September 14, 2021

Solving Health Tech Challenges Lies with Females: Meet the Women Leading Global Standards Development

  • Moderator: Maria Palombini, Director, Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice Leader, IEEE Standards Association
  • Heather Flannery Chair, IEEE P2418.6: Standard for the Framework of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Use in Healthcare and the Life and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Madhuri Gore, Vice Chair, IEEE P2650: Standard for Enabling Mobile Device Platforms to Be Used as Pre-Screening Audiometric Systems
  • Florence Hudson, Chair, IEEE P2933: Standard for Clinical Internet of Things (IoT) Data and Device Interoperability with TIPPSS – Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, Safety, Security
  • Ida Sim, Chair, IEEE 1752.1-2021: IEEE Approved Draft Standard for Mobile Health Data


Identifying and addressing the opportunities and challenges in regulatory compliance for privacy and security.

Fireside Chat Mini Series: 20 July 2021 - 20 October 2021

On the Front Lines with Government Health Executives - Connected Tools, Tech and Data for Public Health

Episode 1:

Executive Interview with FDA:
Utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Exploring and Understanding Pre & Post Regulatory Processes

Guest – Dr. Qais Hatim, Data Scientist, Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER), US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)

Episode 2:

Executive Interview with Department of Veteran Affairs:
Using Trustworthy AI to Improve Veteran Well-Being through R&D

Guest – Dr. Gil Alterovitz, PhD, FACMI, FAMIA Director, National Artificial Intelligence Institute, US Department of Veterans Affairs

Episode 3:

Executive Interview with CMS:
Advancing Interoperability to Improve Transparency and Efficiency in the Health System

Expert Guest – Dr. Mary Greene Director, Office of Burden Reduction & Health Informatics, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS/OBRHI)

Episode 4:

Executive Interview with the CDC:
Data Modernization Initiative at CDC and the Lessons learned From the Pandemic

Guest – Dr. Alan Sim, Ph.D. Chief Data Officer (CDO), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Session 25: 8 December 2021

Going Beyond Design in Connected MedTech Innovation: Navigating the Pitfalls of Liability and Policy in Garnering User Trust for Adoption

  • Moderator: Maria PalombiniDirector, Healthcare and Life Science Practice Leader, IEEE SA
  • Paul KostekIEEE Senior Member; Systems Engineer, Air Direct Solutions LLC
  • Nick LeightonClass Underwriter, AEGIS London

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