Distributor Program


Here are some questions and answers that you may find helpful.

What type of products are available thru the distributor’s program?

  • Print-on-Demand  
  • Electronic (PDF)
  • Hard copy material (inventoried items)
  • Redline Standards
  • Custom Collections — a la carte standard service decided by your customer base. For more information on this option, please contact: [email protected]

How would we received the documents from IEEE?

IEEE SA provides the transfer of the XML data via FTP or sFTP electronic feed.

I have received the full Data feed, what is the next step?

The next step is to import the xml data into your system.

Are there any special tool that should be used with this program?

An unzipped program such as WinZip etc…Is needed.

What if my system cannot handle the full IEEE Library Standards all at once. Is there a way of receiving the documents besides FTP? Is it possible to received specific technology areas such as all power, nuclear, etc?

This option is not possible at this time.

Will the PDF’s be sent along with the metadata?

The PDFs are sent along with the XML metadata.  There is a reference to the PDF in the XML metadata like this:  <pdf_filename>3002.8-2018.pdf</pdf_filename>

Scope, Purpose and Abstract, are all of these available in the metadata? Is this the expected format?

Yes, <projectscope> contains the scope of the project.  <projectpurpose> would contain the purpose. <scope> contains the abstract.

What is the corresponding subscription_id for each collection/subscription?

IEEE Standards that are part of a subscription, most PDF records are mapped to a subscription package.  A copy of the latest Subscription Tree (XML) is provided for your use.

What is the category_id element, and could we get the documentation about the category_id values?

The category_id element maps to technical categories/browse topical areas.  A copy of the latest Category Tree (XML) is provided for your use.

Does refieedoc (and refnoieeedoc) list all the Normative References in the standard?

Yes, in the XML metadata refieedoc is associated to referenced IEEE documents and refnonieeedoc information are Non-IEEE products listed as text.

If the product has a standard number, will the standard_number element always include the publication year in the end of standard number in format “-YYYY”?

That isn’t always the case.  We have draft standards and other non-standard products that do not follow that rule.  For example, this Draft: <standard_number>P3004.11</standard_number>

Are there any products in any other format than a single PDF file uploaded to our FTP?

Yes. We do send Standard Sets/Collections in a .zip format.

In the XML documentation, some elements are listed as “Displayed in UI”. Is this a requirement?

Yes, these requirements would be recommended.

If a product becomes superseded, does the metadata change?

The <scope> is updated with the superseded status.  Also, the SKU is changed.

If the distributor_efeed does not include a print on demand SKU for the product, does that mean we are not allowed to sell it as print on demand?

Correct, you should not sell it as POD if none is available.

Would it be possible to get the metadata feed for all updated standards as a single distributor_efeed file, instead of having a separate file for each standard?

This is not possible in our current structure.


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