Superseded Standard

IEEE 120-1955

IEEE Standard for Master Test Code for Electrical Measurements in Power Circuits

The methods given here include measurements, as made with either indicating or integrating instruments, of power, voltage and current in direct current and alternating-current single-phase and polyphase rotating machinery, transformers, induction apparatus, arc and resistance heating equipment and mercury rectifiers. It also includes measurements made with supplementary instruments and devices. This code does not include such measurements as resistance and temperature which are often included in determining the performance characteristics of electric machinery. Instruments for these latter measurements will be found in the specific codes dealing with the particular measurement; such as AIEE Master Test Code for Temperature Measurement, No. 551.

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PE/PSIM - Power System Instrumentation and Measurements
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/PSIM - Power System Instrumentation and Measurements
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