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IEEE 1349-2001

IEEE Guide for Application of Electric Motors in Class I, Division 2 Hazardous (Classified) Locations

This guide was developed to assist individuals, organizations, and suppliers with the application of motors in Class I, Division 2 locations, where flammable gases and vapors may occasionally be present. Three-phase and single-phase ac synchronous and induction electric motors, fractional through very large sizes, are covered in this guide. Primary emphasis is on the use of general-purpose enclosures and precautions against excessive surface temperatures and sparking of rotor bars and enclosure joints. Results of motor surface temperature tests and calculations performed by Working Group Member companies are documented in the guide. Guidance is included for maintaining the life-cycle integrity of motors in Class I, Division 2 locations. Existing codes and standards contain cautionary notes for general-purpose motor applications in Class I, Division 2 areas. Industry experience and established practices are documented for the application of general-purpose motors in Class I, Division 2 locations and guidance is given for applying motors in these locations. This guide is not a specification and is not intended for use as a specification for purchasing motors installed in Division 2 locations.

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IAS/PCI - Petroleum and Chemical Industry
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IAS/PCI - Petroleum and Chemical Industry
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