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Standard for Ontology Reasoning on Multiple Robots

This standard defines additional requirements for the Autonomous Robot (AuR) ontology to address reasoning on multiple robots, extending the baseline ontology defined in IEEE 1872.2-2021. Ontological concepts and domain-specific axioms are defined for (a) representation, reasoning, and behaviours for autonomy, (b) multiple autonomous robots and cloud robotics, (c) artificial intelligence and machine learning for autonomous robots, (d) affordances in human robot interaction, and (e) trust and security for autonomous robotics. Use cases and case studies for the design of AuR are also described.

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RAS/SC - Standing Committee for Standards
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IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
Sponsor Committee
RAS/SC - Standing Committee for Standards
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Working Group
REMAR - Ontology for reasoning on multiple autonomous robots
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Tom Thompson
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Paulo Goncalves
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