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IEEE 1885-2022

IEEE Guide for Assessing, Measuring, and Verifying Volt-Var Control and Optimization on Distribution Systems

Electric utilities are seeking to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the distribution system while helping to achieve energy and demand savings. Distribution volt-var optimization (VVO) can play a major role in accomplishing these objectives while maintaining safety, preserving assets, and meeting all operating constraints such as loading and voltage levels. Initial studies and experience show there is significant potential for energy savings, demand management and loss reduction through improved management of distribution voltage profiles and reactive power flow. Consistent methods are needed for verifying the benefits achieved by VVO systems that have already been implemented. Guidelines for modeling system loads as well as distributed resources and their response to voltage and var changes are needed along with methods for performing the evaluations to estimate total benefits. These benefits can then be evaluated as a function of the investment requirements for the improved VVO on a feeder by feeder or substation by substation basis and deployment priorities can be developed.

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PE/T&D - Transmission and Distribution
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/T&D - Transmission and Distribution
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SDWG - Smart Distribution Working Group
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Michael Kipness
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Sal Martino


Guide for Smart Distribution Applications

This guide identifies and categorizes important smart distribution applications, develops descriptions of the critical functions involved, defines important components of these systems, and provides examples of the systems that can be considered as part of distribution management systems or other smart distribution systems. This guide includes discussion on control, communications, and cybersecurity considerations when deploying smart distribution applications.

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Standard for Conservation Voltage Reduction (CVR) Data Collection and Management Procedures

This standard specifies a set of procedures for CVR data collection and management. Functional requirements, procedures and use cases are defined for the following scenarios: 1. Identification of cycling schedule disruptions and required data cleaning. 2. Compression rates to archive values. 3. Detection of accurate CVR status. 4. Identification of load shifts and how to deal with these in terms of measurement and verification. 5. Data cleaning and reconstruction approaches for anomalous data. 6. Procedures for determining CVR factor range and system-level CVR factor. 7. Procedures for data adequacy based on accurate CVR status, and power and voltage data. 8. Methodology selection and assumption validation based on data availability.

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IEEE Trial-Use Guide for Smart Distribution Applications

Important smart distribution applications are categorized, descriptions of the critical functions involved are developed, important components of these systems are defined, and examples of the systems that can be considered as part of distribution management systems or other smart distribution systems are provided in this guide.

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