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IEEE 1934-2018

IEEE Standard for Adoption of OpenFog Reference Architecture for Fog Computing

OpenFog Consortium--OpenFog Reference Architecture for Fog Computing is adopted by this standard. OpenFog Reference Architecture [OPFRA001.020817] is a structural and functional prescription of an open, interoperable, horizontal system architecture for distributing computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the users along a cloud-to-thing continuum of communicating, computing, sensing and actuating entities. It encompasses various approaches to disperse Information Technology (IT), Communication Technology (CT) and Operational Technology (OT) Services through information messaging infrastructure as well as legacy and emerging multi-access networking technologies

Sponsor Committee
COM/EdgeCloud-SC - Edge, Fog, Cloud Communications with IOT and Big Data Standards Committee
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IEEE Communications Society
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Sponsor Committee
COM/EdgeCloud-SC - Edge, Fog, Cloud Communications with IOT and Big Data Standards Committee
Working Group
FOG - Fog Computing and Networking Architecture Framework
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IEEE Program Manager
Jennifer Santulli
Working Group Chair
Hung-Yu Wei


Nomenclature and Taxonomy for Distributing Computing, Communications and Networking along the Things-to-Cloud Continuum

The development of Edge/Fog Computing technologies and systems among the industrial consortia and the research communities has created a rich set of concepts and constructs. This document aims to collect the terminology developed in these communities and identify the relationships between their use in the communication technology (CT), information technology (IT) and operation technology (OT) applications along the Things-to-Cloud Continuum. This document also introduces a high-level taxonomy of these concepts and constructs.

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