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IEEE P2010

IEEE Draft Recommended Practice for Neurofeedback Systems

Revising the set of documentation requirements and include new information and reflect the present state of the art. A detailed set of documentation requirements is proposed. The detailed requirements for the documentation of neurofeedback instruments and software to provide quality and availability of information to users are specified.

Sponsor Committee
EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee
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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
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Sponsor Committee
EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee
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Working Group
EMB/Stds Com/NF-Systems - Neurofeedback (Biofeedback) Systems
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IEEE Program Manager
Tom Thompson
Working Group Chair
Giorgio Bonmassar


Standard for Specifying Requirements for Neurofeedback Systems Design

This standard defines the requirement specifications for the design and development of neurofeedback systems, as well as the requirements for conformity assessment.

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