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Standard for Online Age Verification

This standard establishes a framework for the design, specification, evaluation and deployment of age verification systems. It includes; 1. the key terms, definitions and abbreviations, together with the roles and responsibilities of key actors in the age assurance process, 2. requirements for establishing different levels of confidence (asserted, standard, enhanced and strict) associated with the types of age assurance systems, 3. requirements for privacy protection, data security and information systems management that are specific to the age assurance process. It does not specify 1. detailed information about countermeasures (i.e. anti-spoofing techniques), methods to detect presentation attacks, algorithms, or sensors; 2. methods to assess the overall system-level security or vulnerability.

Sponsor Committee
CTS/ETSC - Emerging Technology Standards Committee
Active PAR
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IEEE Consumer Technology Society
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Sponsor Committee
CTS/ETSC - Emerging Technology Standards Committee
Working Group
OAVWG - Online Age Verification Working Group
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Soo Kim
Working Group Chair
Iain Corby
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