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Standard for Functional Safety Data Format for Interoperability within the Dependability Lifecycle

This standard defines a dependability lifecycle of products with focus on interoperable activities related to functional safety and its interactions with reliability, security, operational safety and time?determinism. The standard also describes methods, description languages, data models, and database schema that have been identified as necessary or critical, to enable the exchange/interoperability of data across all steps of the lifecycle encompassing activities executed at Intellectual Property (IP), System on Chip (SoC), system and item levels, in a way that allows integration in different application domains such as automotive, industrial, medical and avionics safety critical systems.

Sponsor Committee
C/FSSC - Functional Safety Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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Sponsor Committee
C/FSSC - Functional Safety Standards Committee
Working Group
Functional Safety Format - Exchange/Interoperability format for functional safety analysis and safety verification of IP, SoC and mixed signal ICs
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IEEE Program Manager
Jonathan Goldberg
Working Group Chair
Riccardo Mariani
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