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Standard for Spray-On Surface Antimicrobial Coatings Test Methodology

This standard specifies an objective performance test methodology to assess the efficacy of non-porous surface antimicrobial coatings against different organism groups (e.g., bacteriae, viruses, yeasts, and moulds) present within hospital and healthcare environments. The standard is applicable to all types of environmental surface antimicrobial coatings that are designed to be sprayed onto and coat the surface to provide continual antimicrobial activity for a specified period of time. This standard excludes antimicrobial coatings (such as, antimicrobial plastics, polymers, silicone, paints, etc.) incorporated during the manufacturing process and non-environmental antimicrobial coatings specifically intended for medical devices.

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EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee
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IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society
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EMB/Stds Com - Standards Committee
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SAC - Surface Antimicrobial Coatings
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Tom Thompson
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Jade Pallett
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