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IEEE 390-1987

IEEE Standard for Pulse Transformers

Pulse transformers for use in electronic equipment are considered. This standard applies to the following transformer types: power output (drivers), impedance matching, interstage coupling, current sensing, and blocking-oscillator transformers. For these transformers, the peak power transmitted ranges from a few milliwatts to many kilowatts, and the peak voltage transmitted ranges from a few volts to many kilovolts. Symbols, performance tests, equivalent circuits, preferred test methods, marking, and service conditions are covered.

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PEL/SC - Standards Committee
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Inactive-Reserved Standard
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IEEE Power Electronics Society
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Sponsor Committee
PEL/SC - Standards Committee
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ET_WG - Electronic Transformer Working Group
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Patricia Roder
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Matthew Wilkowski
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IEEE Standard for Electronics Power Transformers

Application guidance and test procedures are given for power transformers and inductors that are used in electronic equipment and supplied by power lines or generators of essentially sine-wave or polyphase voltage. Provision is made for relating the characteristics of transformers to the associated rectifiers and circuits. This standard includes, but is not limited to, the following transformers and inductors: rectifier supply transformers for either high- or low-voltage supplies, filament and cathode heater transformers, transformers for alternating-current resonant charging circuits, inductors used in rectifier filters, and autotransformers with fixed taps.

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IEEE Guide for Making Corona (Partial Discharge) Measurements on Electronics Transformers

A uniform procedure for making corona (partial discharge) measurements by electrical means on electronic transformers is presented. Methods of applying voltage stress, the use of a sine-wave voltage to simulated dc and ac combinations, the types and limitations of voltage stresses encountered, and the acceptable limits of discharge pulse energy are included. Recommended test conditions and the need for negotiation of special tests are discussed. Test apparatus and calibration are described. The aim is to establish a common ground of understanding between transformer and systems design engineers and transformer manufacturers in the development of service and performance requirements.

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IEEE Standard for Ferroresonant Voltage Regulators

Ferroresonant transformers used as regulators in electronic power supplies and in other equipment are covered. Guides to application and test procedures are included.

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