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IEEE 8802-4-1990

ISO/IEC 8802-4:1990: Information processing systems - Local area networks - Part 4:Token-passing bus access method and physical layer specifications

This standard is part of a family of local area network (LAN) and metropolitan area network (MAN) standards dealing with the physical and data link layers as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Open Systems Interconnection Reference Model. The following are specified in this standard: the electrical and/or optical and physical characteristics of the transmission medium; the electrical or optical signaling method used; the frame formats transmitted; the actions of a station upon receipt of a frame; the services provided at the conceptual interface between the medium access control (MAC) sublayer and the Logical Link Control (LLC) sublayer above it; and the actions, entities, and values used to manage the MAC sublayer and physical layer entity.

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C/LM - LAN/MAN Standards Committee
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IEEE Computer Society
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Sponsor Committee
C/LM - LAN/MAN Standards Committee
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