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IEEE 99-1970

IEEE Guide for Preparation of Test Procedures for the Thermal Evaluation of Insulation Systems for Electric Equipment

Test procedures for the thermal evaluation of insulation systems for electric and electronic equipment should include introductory remarks necessary for a clear understanding of the objectives of the particular tests with respect to the industry served and of the special requirements that exist. If any different or new concepts of insulation behavior, or use, are embodied in a Test Procedure,they should be clearly stated. Technical Committees should attempt to assure that each Test Procedure: (a) gives statistically consistent results, (b) provides data free from bias of the tester, (c) includes, if models are used, results of these models representative of the equipment (te equipment itself may be evaluated where feasible), (d) results in information that correlates with field experience in a satisfactory manner.

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1E -1957

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