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IEEE C37.116-2007

IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Application to Transmission-Line Series Capacitor Banks

The application of protective relays on transmission-line series capacitor banks is covered. The purpose of this guide is to provide the reader with ample discussion of the protection and control issues related to series capacitor bank installations. Specific examples related to protective functions and testing procedures are provided.

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PE/PSRCC - Power System Relaying and Control
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/PSRCC - Power System Relaying and Control
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ADMIN_8200 - Project Administration_8200
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IEEE Guide for the Application of Protective Relays Used for Abnormal Frequency Load Shedding and Restoration

Information on the application of under frequency load shedding and restoration to ac power systems is compiled in this guide. Various system conditions that may require the use of under frequency load shedding, and the application of protective relays to various methods of performing under frequency load shedding are described in this guide. Some practical examples of under frequency load shedding applications are also provided

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IEEE Guide for Protective Relay Applications to Power System Buses

Concepts of power bus protection are discussed in this guide. Consideration is given to availability and location of breakers, current transformers, and disconnectors as well as bus-switching scenarios, and their impact on the selection and application of bus protection. A number of bus protection schemes are presented; their adequacy, complexity, strengths, and limitations with respect to a variety of bus arrangements are discussed; specific application guidelines are provided. Breaker failure protection is discussed as pertaining to bus protection. Means of securing bus protection schemes against corrupted relay input signals are also included.

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