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IEEE/ANSI C37.20-1969

ANSI/IEEE Standard - Switchgear Assemblies - Including Metal Enclosed Bus

This standard covers assemblies of switchgear devices such as switches, interrupting devices, control, instrumentation and metering, protective and regulating equipment, enclosed bus with associated interconnections, enclosures, and supporting structures. It includes, but is not specifically limited to, equipment for the control and protection of apparatus used for power generation, conversion, transmission and distribution, such as: Metal-clad switchgear Station-type cubicle switchgear Metal-enclosed low-voltage power circuit breaker switchgear Metal-enclosed interrupter switchgear Metal-enclosed bus Switchboards, including combined boiler-turbine-generator boards and miscellaneous power plant boards Assembled switchgear components of unit substations. Basically, this standard is concerned with enclosed, rather than open, switchgear assemblies. It does not apply to equipment covered industrial control standards, communication switchboards and communication switching equipment, or switchboards for use on board ships.

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PE/SWG - Switchgear
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Inactive-Withdrawn Standard
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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PE/SWG - Switchgear
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