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IEEE PC57.13.9

IEEE Draft Standard for Power-Line Carrier Coupling Capacitors and Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers

This standard applies to coupling capacitors (CC) for power-line carrier (PLC) applications, to capacitors for reduction of the rate of rise of transient recovery voltage (TRV) on circuit breakers and to coupling capacitor voltage transformers (CCVT) used to supply a low voltage for measurement, control and protective functions. A CCVT may or may not have provision for PLC coupling. These devices are all intended for connection between line and ground on a 34.5kV or higher voltage system.

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PE/TR - Transformers
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IEEE Power and Energy Society
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Sponsor Committee
PE/TR - Transformers
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Working Group
Instrument-WGC57.13.9 - Instrument Transformers - Standard for PLC Coupling Capacitors and CCVTs
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Malia Zaman
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Zoltan Roman
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