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IEEE C95.2-2018

IEEE Standard for Radio-Frequency Energy and Current-Flow Symbols

Symbols to inform people about the presence of potentially hazardous levels of radiofrequency energy or the presence of contact current hazards in the frequency range of 3 kHz to 300 GHz are specified in this standard. Guidance is given about how these symbols should be used on warning signs and labels. (The PDF of this standards is available at no cost. "IEEE Get Program" grants public access to view and download individual PDFs of select standards at no charge. Visit for details.)

Sponsor Committee
SASB/SCC39 - SCC39 - International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety
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IEEE-SASB Coordinating Committees
Sponsor Committee
SASB/SCC39 - SCC39 - International Committee on Electromagnetic Safety
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Working Group
SC2 - SC2 - Terminology, Units of Measurements and Hazard Communications Working Group
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IEEE Program Manager
Patricia Roder
Working Group Chair
Richard Tell


Standard for Electromagnetic Energy Safety Programs, 0 Hz to 300 GHz

This Standard specifies requirements and guidelines to enable the creation of effective electromagnetic energy (EME) safety programs (ESPs) to help mitigate hazards associated with human exposures above applicable EME limits in the frequency range of 0 Hz to 300 GHz including potentially hazardous exposure to EME fields, currents, and/or contact voltages or hazards associated with EME as it may interact with devices, materials, substances or structures. This document contains required elements for developing, implementing and administering an ESP. It also includes examples/illustrations that may assist in developing a site specific EME safety program.

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