Actionable Data Book (ADB)


This program is now closed. To view a related IC program, visit Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering (ICICLE).

ADB is a transformative blend of mobile technology, experiential analytics, and rich media, delivered through interactive eBook technology. ADB is grounded in learning theory and intended to serve as the next generation educational platform for learners on the go.

We are committed to the concept of the ADB as a reference model based solely on open standards. These include the IDPF EPUB 3 specification, HTML5, Bluetooth, xAPI, and W3C packaging standards for scripting, rich media, and interactive content.

Our 2017 mission is to continue to expand awareness of our efforts through direct outreach, presentations and authoring. We invite participation of individuals and organizations working in fields related to educational content design, production, and delivery to help us continue these ongoing activities.

The IEEE Standards Association ADB activities include:

  • Enhancement of analytics, personalization, sensors and content design tools
  • Development of new standards that may emerge from this reference model
  • Expansion of the ADB architecture, including vendors and subject matter experts to develop fully functional ADB prototypes
  • Securing involvement of eLearning and xAPI industry partners to formalize development of the architecture

ADB participants, spanning 6 continents are currently involved in many aspects of adopting mobile devices for learning delivery. The Actionable Data Book (ADB) will help enable the delivery of instructions on mobile devices that will change educational publishing.

Actionable Data Book (ADB) Infographic

Get Involved

We invite you to share your expertise in the design of the reference model for connected learning. The team welcomes all individuals and representatives of organizations that may include:

  • Students, Teachers, Authors & Publishers
  • Training and Performance Support Practitioners
  • eLearning, Mobile, and IoT Technologists
  • Instructional Designers

Initiative Outcomes

The potential impact of this initiative is significant to all stakeholders in the field of eLearning. Primary beneficiaries of this work are numerous and certainly not limited to the following:

  • Hardware platform providers for smartphone, tablet, and data input devices
  • Publishing organizations providing mobile interactive learning content to K12, higher education, and adult learning markets with specific benefit to STEM education
  • Professional organizations blending interactive training and performance support solutions
  • Learning technology vendors and developers:
    • Learning management systems, authoring systems and learning analytics
  • Research organizations interested in remote data collection and monitoring including:
    • Non-governmental Organizations, public health, environmental science domains
    • Remote laboratories, mobile sensory data
  • Government organizations interested in managing deployment of doctrine or training in mobile environments offline or online


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