Needs Assessment for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards


One of the primary goals of the Needs Assessment for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards IEEE Industry Connections activity is for the assessment of education/standards needs and proposed actions surrounding NFTs by convening a group of experts within IEEE SA to explore the value offered by NFTs and their applications. While the Christie’s/Beeple auction brought increased visibility to the NFT technology/ecosystem, more can be done to explain its purpose and uses. Expert analysis and evaluation of NFT technology through participation in this Industry Connections activity will provide the  trust and support needed to help bridge the gap with those that have uncertainties.

This activity will also consider developing education material and guidance and best practices around NFTs which will enable the proliferation and adoption of this technology with increased confidence. Having a trusted source that can provide education will help ease those that are skeptical and uncertain about blockchain/crypto-related technologies.

As the NFT ecosystem grows, the more different types of blockchains begin to offer their own versions of them. The relationship between blockchains is often unclear. If a digital asset is minted on the Ethereum blockchain, should the exact same digital asset be minted on a different blockchain or not? The goal of this activity is to do a standards gap analysis and develop proposals for new standards projects that will help answer these questions.

Get Involved

We welcome new participants from large and small corporations, academia, industry, and government agencies that are interested in the Needs Assessment for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards activity. Members will include but are not limited to:

  • Content creators
  • Artists
  • Musicians
  • Entertainers
  • Athletes
  • Celebrities
  • Blockchain enthusiasts
  • Crypto-holders/investors
  • Collectors (i.e., Fans of artists, musicians, etc.)

Industry Outcomes

The deliverables of this activity are expected to be:

  • Documents (e.g., white papers, reports, guides, knowledge base)
  • Proposals for standards: Engage with industry leaders in the blockchain ecosystem to work toward understanding what a blockchain agnostic NFT might look like
  • Events/Workshops

How to Participate

To join the Needs Assessment for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Standards activity, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to:

Additional Contact



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