Big Data Governance and Metadata Management


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Governance and metadata management poses unique challenges with regard to the Big Data paradigm shift. The governance lifecycle needs to be sustainable from creation, maintenance, depreciation, archiving, and deletion due to volume, velocity, and variety of big data changes and can be accumulated whether the data is at rest, in motion, or in transactions. 

Furthermore, metadata management must also consider the issues of security and privacy at the individual, organizational, and national levels. 

From the new global Internet, Big Data economy opportunity in Internet of Things, Smart Cities, and other emerging technical and market trends, it is critical to have a standard reference architecture for Big Data Governance and Metadata Management that is scalable and can enable the Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability, and Reusability between heterogeneous datasets from various domains without worrying about data source and structure.

The goal of this Activity is to enable data integration/mashup among heterogeneous datasets from diversified domain repositories and make data discoverable, accessible, and usable through a machine readable and actionable standard data infrastructure. 

IEEE BDGMM was created jointly by the IEEE Big Data Initiative and the IEEE Standards Association.

Get Involved

We cordially invite scientists, researchers, developers, and practitioners to participate, review, discuss, comment, and provide contributions that could foster BDGMM activities from diverse perspectives and better support Big Data applications and analytics. Key experts would include but are not limited to:

  • Data governance specialists for handling data integrity, quality, provenance, retention, and asset management, business intelligence, etc.
  • Metadata developers and managers responsible for dataset schemas and managing data repositories
  • Digital object architects working with standard based persistent identifiers, data types registry structures and representations
  • Big Data-related experts providing data architecture and engineering, data processing and analytics
  • Program managers and policy makers overseeing CIOs, CTOs, CDOs, etc. for open data, open source, and external data

Initiative Outcomes

  • Workshops co-located at IEEE sponsored conferences to collect, analyse, and identify relevant use cases, requirements, and potential solutions, including documentation on the findings
  • White paper(s) that frame the problems and identify issues from IEEE workshops 
  • Reference architecture(s) concepts and solutions from relevant best practices in big data governance and metadata management to formulate data interoperable infrastructure to enable data integration/mashup between diversified domain repositories, including those maintained by participating entities and IEEE Dataport

    • A proof-of-concept reference implementation would be welcomed
  • Identification and initiation of IEEE standards activities (including recommended practices, guides) related to big data governance and metadata management, including the development of Project Authorization Requests (PARs) and recruitment of Working Groups within an appropriate IEEE Standards Committee

How to Participate

To learn how to join the Big Data Governance and Metadata Management team, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to: 


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