Big Data Governance Focus Group


There are a number of global efforts focussed on access to massive amounts of data sourced from individuals and enterprises. Companies are even financially motivated to increasing their pursuit of data informed technologies, seeing returns up to 40% per annum from their data-based investments. Key advances and standardized approaches to governance of data are the first step to facilitating this level of growth. Scientific literature focuses on defining data governance which leaves gaps in the aspects of implementation and monitoring. Standardizing approaches to data governance could help to increase trust in organizations stewarding data, leading to confidence in shared data and more opportunity for interoperability of data across markets and disciplines.


By the end of June 2023, this group will have explored the landscape of standards, principles, best practices, international law documents (initiatives) for data governance, highlighting existing initiatives, their scope, level of openness and scale of adoption, initiatives in progress and where relevant, identifying use cases where a standard(s) may need to be created to support interoperability of data. This work will provide a foundation for next steps to standardize approaches to governance of data, with a view to improving trust and interoperability of data.

The goal of this focus group is to provide clarity on:

  1. What constitutes data governance? Here, we seek to offer a non-technical working definition of data governance and its scope.
  2. The technical definition of “data governance” and where this definition will be applicable, e.g. IoT, AI, Privacy etc.
  3. Identifying the key issues prevalent in the current framework of data governance and transactions,
    • Including issues around ethical and responsible collection, use and sharing of data.
    • Protecting people from manipulation and discrimination, security, privacy, compliance that could come from collection, use or sharing of data.
    • Roles and responsibilities – within organizations, and among society.
  4. Standardization of methods of collection, organization, storage, etc.
  5. Identifying potential solutions to the identified issues,
  6. Further anticipating issues that would arise in the world of data science.

The resulting discourse will cumulate in a report outlining the data governance standards landscape and recommended next steps.

Get Involved

The group plans to meet monthly. We welcome new participants from large and small corporations, academia, industry, and government agencies that are interested in the Big Data Governance Focus Group. Members will be composed of, but not limited to:

  • Data professionals
  • AI governance specialists
  • IT lawyers and executives (CEO, CIO, etc.) of various data transfer companies
  • Technology developers (e.g. OEMs, TIERs, startups, etc.)
  • Representatives of regulators and standards development organizations (e.g. SAE international, ISO, DIN, CATARC, UNECE, etc.)
  • Representatives from academia

Industry Outcomes

Deliverables and outcomes from Industry Connections activities may include documents (e.g., white papers or reports), proposals for standards, conferences, workshops, etc.

The deliverables of Big Data Governance Focus Group will include:

  • White papers
  • Best practices
  • Recommendations for new standards
  • Workshops
  • Expert reports

Leadership Team

How to Participate

To join the Big Data Governance Focus Group, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to:

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