Connectivity Harmonization of the Digital Citizen


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The goal of this Industry Connections program is to develop a multi-stream effort to address the design implications and technology implementations with a unique, core focus on the development of the immersive environment that will impact all present and future digital citizens.

With the evolution toward ubiquitous connectivity of the digital citizen, the interoperability and standardization of devices, data, and connectivity are critical for maintaining consistent and persistent states across multiple identity interactions and ultimately, the resultant environment.

This activity encompasses the following seven work streams that touch upon multiple facets of connectivity, hardware, wireless, and data.

Work stream 1: Wireless Wearable Testbed (WWT)

  • Establish a network of open testbeds and qualitative development platforms for the research and development of wireless wearable solutions for commercial, medical, and mission critical (e.g., first responder and military) applications.
  • Support the advancement of in-body, on-body, and near-body applications from Personal Area Network (PAN) to Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity.
  • Frequency, protocol, and device agnostic to support existing, planned, and experimental wireless devices and solutions from commercial-ready to academic investigations.

Work stream 2: Wearable to Clinical Data Stream Optimization

  • Identify the interoperability gaps from sensor through network.
  • Foster optimization of data collection and data transmission to meet network challenges and device limitations.

Work stream 3: Expand the Digital Journey beyond PAN/WAN

  • Situational conditions (such as V2x, digital home, digital ER/OR, and digital care).
  • Devices, such as car platforms and mobile devices.

Work stream 4: Develop a Blockchain Communication Protocol with 360-degree Data Perspective

Work stream 5: Consider Implementation Challenges on a Global Front in a Future City Environment (such as GDPR and PSK2)

Work stream 6: Harmonization and Coordination with Other IEEE and Industry Initiatives (such as 5G and IoT)

Work stream 7: Support Education, Outreach, and Interoperability Events

Get Involved

We welcome new participants from large and small corporations, academia, industry, and government agencies that are interested in Connectivity Harmonization of the Digital Citizen. Members will include but are not limited to:

  • Wearable and medical device consumers, clinical, mission critical (such as first responder and military)
  • Smart city candidate cities and transportation manufacturers
  • Data and telecom (5G) standards and interoperability experts
  • Cyber experts with experience in blockchain and digital ledger technologies
  • Trust in agency and identity markets and policy developers
  • Retail industry

Possible Industry Outcomes

Proposed deliverables and outcomes from this Industry Connections activity may include documents (e.g., white papers, reports), proposals for standards, conferences and workshops, databases, computer code, etc.

How to Participate

To join the Connectivity Harmonization of the Digital Citizen team, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to:

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