Industry Connections (IC) Fiber Optic Sensors

Orange optic fiber


This program is now closed. Work continues in a Working Group of the IEEE Photonics Society

As fiber optic sensing systems emerge, customization can significantly influence the level of high cost and become a negative driver for expanded growth. Understanding how and where defined standards can help decrease cost and facilitate applications can greatly expand market opportunities. 

The Fiber Optic Sensors Program has developed and released a White Paper that discusses the standards landscape for fiber optic sensors.  Continuing work of this activity will focus on prioritizing gaps and needs for new standards, and developing proposed scope for content that may be used for future Project Authorization Requests (PARs).

Exploration of this activity and outcomes

The IC Fiber Optic Sensors Activity work may include but is not limited to:

  • Identifying any gaps in the existing standards and a plan to address these gaps
  • The development of standards recommendations/proposals based on gap assessment
  • Creating Fiber Optic Sensor specific documentation in the form of an integrated standards overview 

Who should participate

Industry stakeholders and individuals from companies that manufacture fiber optic sensing systems or components for fiber optic sensing systems are invited to participate in this IC Activity. Industries may include:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Civil Engineering
  • Utility Companies
  • Safety and Security
  • Military
  • Bio-photonic
  • Research and Development

How to participate

To express your interest in joining this IC activity, please send an inquiry to:



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