Global Initiative to Standardize Fairness in the Trade of Data


Fair Trade Data

This program is now closed

Vision – A world where consumers, communities, corporations and governments use human and personal data at global scale via a set of standards that enables fair trade for all four stakeholder groups.

Mission – Discover, document, prepare and propose a set of standards to the IEEE Standards Association delivered via a cross geography, sector, and functional collaborative team.

Value Proposition – With its core objective of developing a set of fair trade data standards for the use of human and personal data, the Initiative represents the first effort of its kind worldwide. The Initiative’s wide ranging scope is also unprecedented – the perspectives of industries ranging from healthcare to telecommunications will be represented.

Strategy – Assemble the team, charter, work plan, resources, and flexibility needed in partnership with the IEEE Standards Association leveraging the IEEE Industry Connections framework.

Purpose – The global debate on the collection and use of unprecedented amounts of human and personal data and the use of such data in algorithmic systems, and related concerns around data privacy, data ownership, data ethics, and the fair trade of human and personal data are breaking new ground and even social order. The impact affects consumers, communities, corporations and countries. The motivation of this industry collaboration activity is to draft and propose a standards framework that could assist consumers, communities, corporations and countries to operate in a new agreement around the use of human and personal data. The goal is to engage a global multi-stakeholder group of practitioners, academics, and thought leaders from the private and public sectors into a multi-year work plan where the final work product is the proposed fair trade data standards framework.

Get Involved:

We welcome new participants from large and small corporations, nonprofits, think tanks, academia, and the public sector. We aim to involve participants from different geographic regions around the globe.

Possible Industry Outcomes:

The work product of the Initiative will be a recommendation for standards. Ancillary to the recommendation for standards will be schematics to visualize and represent key concepts, content to be used by participants at conferences and workshops to share ideas and receive feedback, and a series of recommendations to right-fit the proposed standards for individual groups, industries and geographies. During the multi-year period, participants of the Initiative will share excerpts of the work in progress via blogs, videos and/or white papers for feedback.

How to Participate:

To learn how to join the Global Initiative to Standardize Fairness in the Trade of Data, please express your interest by sending an inquiry to:

Initiative Founding Team*:

  • Keerthika M. Subramanian, Esq., Corporate and Securities Attorney at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP
  • Dr. Christopher Boone, PhD, Vice President, Global Medical Epidemiology and Big Data Analysis Lead at Pfizer, Inc.
  • Krishna Cheriath, Chief Data Officer at Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Richie Etwaru, Chief Executive Officer at
  • Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst at Business Innovation Factory
  • Angela Radcliffe, R&D Practice Lead Life Sciences, Capgemini Invent

*All founding team members are acting strictly as individuals and not as representatives of their respective organizations



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