The IEEE Earth Lab Industry Connections Program


EarthThe IEEE Earth Lab is a global hub of engineers, designers, ethicists, corporate leaders, policy makers, and citizen scientists who research, develop, and document the capability of Artificial Intelligence Systems (AIS) to support inclusive growth in green and blue economies.

We support a growing network of Living Labs that develops and deploys innovative solutions for ecosystem restoration and conservation, efficient, livable environments, and low–carbon, equitable, and resilient infrastructures with communities most impacted by the effects of global warming. The program is intended to foster new cross-sector collaborations among organizations and individuals who are interested in exploring the application of emergent technologies in sustainable development, in particular in the areas of computing, electrical and electronic systems, information and communications technologies (ICT), smart urban environments, transportation, power, and energy.

Get Involved

We welcome new participants with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, including, but not limited to:

  • Multilateral organizations, governments, cities, and policy makers who explore the adaptation and finance of green and blue economy principles
  • Corporations, entrepreneurs, and consulting agencies who shape the research, design, manufacture, and messaging around AIS and new economic practices
  • Faculty, researchers, and students who explore, integrate, and advance technically sound designs aligned with the IC activity’s core themes in curricula and research activities
  • Non-profits, environmental movements, and conservationists who explore innovative technological solutions to accelerate global climate action
  • Aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs who are looking for opportunities to serve communities and ecosystems impacted by the effects of global warming
  • Citizen-scientists and indigenous peoples who are protecting and mediating trust and value for community-based ecosystem guardianship


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