Children’s Data Governance Applied Case Studies

We are excited to announce the publication of the initial IEEE SA Children's Data Governance Applied Case Study Report.

These case studies show how to bridge principles to best practices and foster trustworthy and positive online/offline experiences for children. They demonstrate how thoughtful approaches to important aspects around children’s rights can enhance trustworthy online/offline experiences.

About the Report

The report contains eleven case studies of companies that build applications and websites while applying principles of age-appropriate, inclusive design, and data governance considerations to respect children’s rights. To explore the case studies listed below, download the report to get a better understanding of their solutions.

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Health & Wellness

In low resource settings, there can be shortages of medical care. This wearable vital signs monitor for neonates follows needs-based design for such settings.

OWAS Platform

Health & Wellness

Children are exposed to risky behaviors online. This artificial intelligence software can be integrated into apps and games to protect and assist children in real time.

Kennisnet Education Data Management

Data Management

Sharing learning data can be complicated. This service concept provides students and parents with the ability to manage who is accessing the data.

LEGO® Life


Many social platforms are not fit for children. This social digital play experience inspires children to build, share their creations, and develop digital citizenship skills.



Many social platforms are not fit for children. This social network is designed for kids age 7-12, providing a moderated social network for children.


Privacy Preserving

Given that privacy laws prevent the practice of child profiling for digital advertising, this platform is built to meet the needs of the children’s market and comply with data privacy laws.

Whiz Kids


Many children do not have access to resources for technical learning. This mobile app delivers children an equal opportunity for tech education.

Parenting Phonecasts by DOST


Many lack access to educational support, especially in low-literacy families. These phonecasts support families with early child development and education.

My Gem Inside


Many children with autism lack access to specialized education opportunities. This mobile app supports cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development of those children.


Skills Building

Lack of access to training is a barrier for many in emerging markets. This online learning platform empowers individuals with in-demand skills.

Digital Nation Africa

Skills Building

Lack of access to training is a barrier for many in emerging markets. This mobile learning services provides skills for employability, entrepreneurship and personal development.

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