Re-Think Health Podcast Series

Understanding New Tools and Approaches for Better Health Outcomes

Re-Think Health is your source for the latest in use of breakthrough technology and applications to re-think the approach to health, wellness, and quality of care for ALL patients. Our global community of multi-disciplinary experts is participating in bold conversations highlighting industry trends on new technologies and applications, global challenges to trust and validation, regulatory and patient considerations, and ground-breaking case-study outcomes.

We all want better health — accessible, more precise, efficient, safe, and highly effective. New tools, technologies, and applications are propagating this concept of “contributing to better health and wellness.” These are not simple plug-and-play solutions and require all stakeholders to re-think the approach to health and wellness in a way that is safe and efficacious yet trusted, validated, and responsible. Welcome to the conversation!

Re-Think Health Podcast Seasons

Re-Think Health Podcast – Season 1

Explore the explosive growth and related challenges of internet-based communication protocols and mobile health devices/apps in clinical research and consumer therapeutics with multi-disciplinary experts in the domain.

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Re-Think Health Podcast – Season 2

Cybersecurity for connected health devices is top of mind as we task experts from around the globe to share ideas on prescriptive approaches to maximizing benefits of these devices while re-engineering the strategy to better protect patients’ data privacy and security.

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