IEEE Health Informatics – Medical Device Communication Standards Collection: New VuSpec

This collection includes 31 active standards that are grouped into three categories including semantic interoperability, application interoperability, and lower layer transport technologies.

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Health Informatics and Medical Device Communication supports:

  • Semantic interoperability which focuses on terminologies, data models, and data sets for specific modalities, such as ventilators, patient vital signs monitors, and infusion pumps.
  • Application interoperability which identifies a set of general services that can be used by all systems to discover, configure, and exchange data across a connection.
  • Lower layer transport technologies

Health informatics and medical device communication standards help advance the development and application of healthcare by securing the creation and transmission of electronic healthcare information.

This Family of Standards provides:

  • Real -Time Plug-and-Play interoperability
  • Facilitates the efficient exchange of vital signs
  • Medical device data acquired at the Point-Of-Care

Examples of IEEE Medical Device Communications Standards Applications


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