How to Join the NESC

Join the NESC

The NESC is a ‘consensus standard’ that depends on the involvement of motivated volunteers to provide the industry with accurate and impactful guidance. The NESC code making process is well defined and clearly structured, with guiding principles that help ensure the inclusion of all viewpoints during an open and fair process for reaching agreement and resolution.

Organizationally, the NESC has a central oversight Main Committee made up of a well-balanced representation of member organizations, along with seven standing technical subcommittees which are maintained to provide recommended revisions to NESC rules for the Main Committee.

The technical subcommittees meet to create change proposals, consider change proposals submitted by others, and are empowered to establish Working Groups and Task Forces to conduct in-depth research on specific technical topics and issues.

The NESC’s core principles of inclusion and openness also extend to the public, with any interested party being able to submit their ideas for a new rule or modification of an existing rule. In addition to actively soliciting input from all NESC members, an ‘open comment’ period is built into each revision cycle to help ensure the broadest possible set of perspectives.

Interested in participating?

Send an email to [email protected] and include:

  • Interest category
  • Subcommittee(s)
  • Updated resume
  • Letter of intent

Who Can Become a Member?

Representatives of companies, associations, organizations, government organizations or qualified self employed consultants are eligible for membership on any Technical Subcommittee 2-8. Each member should fall within one specific interest category, and each category shall be balanced with no one category exceeding 1/3 of the membership.

Interest Categories:

  • CPR – Communications Private Sector
  • EPR – Electric Private Sector
  • EPU – Electric Public Sector
  • CPU – Communications Public Sector
  • ECL – Electric and Communications Labor GOV – Government
  • CEC – Consulting, Engineering and Construction
  • GI – General Interest will include:
    • OU – Other Utilities (non-electric or non-communications)
    • M – Manufacturers
    • IEO- Independent Electric Operators I – Insurance Representatives

Technical Subcommittee members are responsible for:

  • Voting on change proposals submitted to the technical subcommittee.
  • Forming Working Groups and Task Forces as needed to create, evaluate and consider all aspects of a technical topic or change proposal;
  • As delegated by the Executive Subcommittee, the subcommittees are responsible for the consideration of ballots with negative comments resulting from the Main Committee letter ballot on the approval of the proposed revision of the NESC;
  • Assisting the Main Committee, as required (e.g., drafting all or a portion of the NESC, drafting responses to comments, drafting positions on international standards, or other purely advisory functions).

Contact us today!

If interested in joining send an email to [email protected] with which subcommittee(s) you are interested in joining, which interest category you would align with, an updated resume and a letter of intent.


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