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Recent Standards

IEEE C37.66-2021

IEEE Standard Requirements for Capacitor Switches for AC Systems (1 kV to 38 kV)

IEEE/ISO 11073-40101-2022

IEEE/ISO International Standard-Health informatics – Device interoperability –Part 40101: Foundational – Cybersecurity – Processes for vulnerability assessment

IEEE 421.1-2021

IEEE Standard Definitions for Excitation Systems for Synchronous Machines

IEEE C57.164-2021

IEEE Guide for Establishing Short-Circuit Withstand Capabilities of Liquid-Filled Power Transformers, Regulators, and Reactors

IEEE 2302-2021

IEEE Standard for Intercloud Interoperability and Federation (SIIF)

IEEE 1857.10-2021

IEEE Standard for Third-Generation Video Coding

IEEE 1857.9-2021

IEEE Standard for Immersive Visual Content Coding

IEEE 7001-2021

IEEE Standard for Transparency of Autonomous Systems

IEEE C37.120-2021

IEEE Guide for Protection System Redundancy for Power System Reliability

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