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IEEE 521-2019

Letter terms in common usage are related to the frequency ranges that they represent in this standard.

IEEE 1939.1-2021

A structure of low-altitude airspace for efficient unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) traffic management is defined in this standard. The standard elaborates the structural low altitude based on UAV low-altitude public air routes from five parts: grid technology, remote sensing data, communication and networking, route planning, operation, and management.

IEEE 952-2020

Specification and test procedures for a single-axis interferometric fiber optic gyro (IFOG) for use as a sensor in attitude control systems, angular displacement measuring systems, and angular rate measuring systems are defined. The test procedures are derived from those presently used in the industry.

IEEE 528-2019

Terms and definitions relating to inertial sensors are presented in this standard. Usage as understood by the inertial sensor community is given preference over general technical usage of the terms herein. The criterion for inclusion of a term and its definition in this standard is usefulness as related to inertial sensor technology.

IEEE 952-1997/Cor 1-2016

Errors identified in IEEE Std 952-1997 are corrected in this corrigendum. Corrections are made to Figure 1 and in subclauses 5.3.4, 8.3,,,,, and

IEEE/AIEE 700-1953

Aircraft Direct-Current Apparatus Voltage Ratings

IEEE/AIEE 750.11-1960

This pamphlet is one of a series comprising the Report on Aircraft and Missiles Electric Systems Guide, and has been so printed in order to allow for more convenient revision and addition of Sections as available without necessitating a reprint of the entire Guide. As of the time of printing this pamphlet the available Sections are: No. 750.1-Sections 000- Introduction, 100- Criteria for the Electric System, 200- Principal Subdivisions of Electric System, 300- Selection of the System, No. 750.4-Section 400- Installation Practices, No. 750.5-Sections 500-Equipment Characteristics, 800- Electric System Design Procedures,No. 750.11-Appendices I- Characteristics of Alternating-Current Generators Affecting Their Application…

IEEE/AIEE 750.1-1960

Material comprising this report is directed primarily at the attainment of improved application technique--the attainment of the highest possible quality of performance from a combination of particular devices to perform a given function. The performance qualities exhibited by a composite system composed of numerous devices will be influenced by the character of devices which are selected to work together and the manner in which they are interconnected or correlated. The extent to which such composite systems may be benefited by proper application technique is great. Realization of the stated objective involves comprehensive treatment of the following character expressed quantitatively in…

IEEE/AIEE 750.5-1960


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