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IEEE Recommended Practice for Using IEEE 1671.2(TM) Instrument Description Templates for Describing Synthetic Instrumentation for Classes of Instruments such as Waveform Generators, Digitizers, External Oscillators, and Up and Down Converters

Instrument Description templates, compliant with IEEE Std 1671.2-2012, that providers of synthetic instruments should use to describe waveform generators, digitizers, external local oscillators, and up and down converters are provided…

IEEE/IEC International Standard – SystemVerilog — Unified Hardware Design, Specification, and Verification Language

This standard represents a merger of two previous standards: IEEE Std 1364™-2005 Verilog hardware description language (HDL) and IEEE Std 1800-2005 SystemVerilog unified hardware design, specification, and verification language. The…

IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Nongyroscopic Inertial Angular Sensors: Jerk, Acceleration, Velocity, and Displacement Corrigendum 1: Short-Term Stability and Annex A Sensor Dynamic Block Diagrams

IEEE Std 671-1985 provides specifications and test requirements for a non-gyroscopic inertial angular sensor that may measure angular jerk, acceleration, rate, or displacement with or without response down to zero…

IEEE Standard for Ultrawideband Radar Definitions – Corrigendum 1

On page 4 of IEEE Std 1672-2006, a correction to Definition 3:18

IEEE Guide for Reducing Bird-Related Outages

Methods, techniques, and designs to mitigate bird-related power interruptions and equipment damage resulting from avian interactions with electric facilities are covered in this document. This document addresses electrocutions, collisions, nesting…

IEEE Standard for Health informatics–Personal health device communication–Part 10472: Device specialization–Medication monitor

Within the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards for device communication, this standard establishes a normative definition of communication between personal telehealth medication monitor devices and compute engines…

IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear,Single-Axis, Nongyroscopic Accelerometers Corrigendum 1: Changes to Annex K and Annex L

Corrigendum to IEEE Std 1293-1998. Specification and test requirements for linear, single-axis, nongyroscopic accelerometers for use as a sensor in attitude control systems, linear displacement measuring systems, and linear rate…

IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Coriolis Vibratory Gyros – Corrigendum 1

Corrigendum to IEEE Std 1431-2004.

IEEE Standard for Ultrawideband Radar Definitions

This standard recommends definitions for promoting clarity and consistency in the use of ultrawideband radar terminology. The definitions represent the consensus of a panel of radar experts.

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