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Hi-Power (>300W, peak) Pulse Transformers

IEEE Standard Specification Format Guide and Test Procedure for Linear, Single-Axis, Pendulous, Analog Torque Balance Accelerometer

This specification defines the requirements for a linear, single-axis, pendulous, analog torque balance accelerometer. The instrument is equipped with a permanent magnet torquer and is used as a sensing element…

IEEE Standard Definitions of Terms For Solar Cells

This IEEE standard provides uniform and acceptable terms for use in the application of solar cells to power systems. The terms are useful in unifying expressions used in engineering writing…

IEEE Specification Format for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Spring-Restrained Rate Gyros

This specification defines the requirements for a single-degree-of-freedom spring-restrained rate gyro for [aircraft, missile, spacecraft,______] applications. The rate gyro shall be capable of providing [(dc, ac) voltage outputs proportional to…

IEEE Test Procedure for Single-Degree-of-Freedom Spring-Restrained Rate Gyros

Recommended rate gyro test procedures derived from those currently in use, including test conditions to be considered, are compiled. In some cases alternate methods for measuring a performance characteristic have…

IEEE Standard Definitions of Navigation Aid Terms

This standard represents a revision of material contained in the previous edition of IEEE Std 172-1971. The committee reviewed all of the terms, selected those which it considered appropriate, and…

IEEE Standards on Navigation Aids: Direction Finder Measurements, 1959

Test Code for D-C Aircarft Rotating Machines

Trial-Use Test Code for Direct-Current Carbon-Pile Voltage Regulators for Aircraft


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