Tag: Aerospace Electronics

IEEE Recommended Practice for Aircraft, Missile, and Space Equipment Electrical Insulation Tests

This Recommended Practice will be limited to the consideration of test procedures applicable to insulation in flight and support equipment or to manufactured components or subassemblies of such equipment. Test…

Trial-Use Test Procedure and Presentation of Aircraft Generator and Regulator Characteristics

IEEE Trial-Use Test Procedure for AC 400 Hz Aircraft Induction Motors

Trial-Use Test Procedure for Aircraft Alternating-Current Generators

IEEE Standard for Aerospace Equipment Voltage and Frequency Ratings

The basic purpose of IEEE 127 is to serve as a guide to show preferred (steady-state) frequency and voltage ratings for primary power systems. A careful study, was accomplished by…

IEEE Guide for Aircraft Electric Systems

Withdrawn Standard. Withdrawn Date: Dec 06, 1990. Material comprising this report is directed primarily at the attainment of improved applicatin technique - the attainment of the highest possible quality of…

IEEE Trial Use Proposed Recommended Guide for Specification of ELECTRONIC VOLTMETERS

IEEE Thermal Stability of Enameled Wire in Air

Standard for Traceability of Radioactive Sources to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Associated Instrument Quality Control

The standard provides criteria necessary for manufacturers to maintain and assure measurement traceability of radionuclides to NIST. These criteria are described in the following sections: (a.) Quality Assurance Program (b.)…

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