Tag: Audible-noise


This project establishes a standard that allows analog transducers to communicate digital information with an IEEE 1451 object. The standard defines a protocol and interface. It also defines a format of the Transducer Electronics Data Sheets (TEDS). The TEDS is based on the IEEE 1451.2 TEDS. The standard does not specify the transducer design, signal conditioning, or the specific use of the TEDS.


This recommended practice defines the processes and procedures that should be followed to implement Verification, Validation, and Accreditation (VV&A) for federations being developed using the Distributed Simulation Engineering and Execution Process (DSEEP). This recommended practice is not intended to replace existing VV&A policies, procedures, and guidance, but rather is intended to focus on the unique aspects of the VV&A of federations. It provides a higher-level framework into which such practices can be integrated and tailored for specific uses. The VV&A Overlay provides implementation level guidance to VV&A practitioners; however, it does not describe the individual techniques that might be employed…


This Standard specifies an architecture for a low mobility and energy efficient network for affordable broadband access. This network is referred to as the Frugal 5G network. The network comprises of a wireless middle-mile network, an access network and the associated control and management functions. The architecture also specifies the major interfaces in the network.

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