Tag: Cable

IEEE/ANSI C63.19-2001

Uniform methods of measurement for compatibility between hearing aids and wireless communications devices are set forth in this standard.

IEEE C136.9-1990

The purpose of this standard is to permit mechanical interchangeability of the socket support assemblies.


This standard provides a general intelligence level architecture for smart home devices, in order to stipulate their capabilities equipped by various sensors, hardware and software. The standard specifies home device…


This standard covers the construction, mechanical and electrical performance, test requirements, environmental considerations, and acceptance criteria for qualifying hardware for use with optical ground wire (OPGW).

IEEE PC37.92

Electronic devices that develop or utilize analog signals are not presently covered by standards. This Standard provides interface connectivity of modern power-system signal transducers based on electronics, such as magneto-optic…


This guide applies to the dielectric loss frequency domain spectroscopy (FDS) measurement of transformer bushings.


The scope of this standard involves the metadata content for all airborne and spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data. This specifies the metadata content only, not the encoding of the…


This guide defines the test methods and conditions for measurement of systems of integrated voltage and current sensors and intelligent electronic devices (IED). The guide will allow the industry to…


This document is a guide for the design, installation, and protection of insulated wire and cable systems in substations with the objective of minimizing cable failures and their consequences. Cable…

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