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IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1AS-2021

Protocols, procedures, and managed objects for the transport of timing over local area networks are defined in this standard. It includes the transport of synchronized time, the selection of the timing source (i.e., best master), and the indication of the occurrence and magnitude of timing impairments (i.e., phase and frequency discontinuities).

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1Q-2020/Amd3-2021

Extensions to the Virtual Station Interface (VSI) Discovery and Configuration Protocol (VDP) to support using the protocol between an end station and a device doing encapsulation/decapsulation for Network Virtualization Overlays Over Layer 3 (NVO3) are specified in this amendment to IEEE Std 802.1Q-2018. The extensions include adding format types [e.g., Internet Protocol (IP) addresses] and enhancing indication of migration events.

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1Q-2020_Amd2-2021

A YANG data model in support of configuration and operational status information for a subset of Bridging capabilities is provided in this amendment to IEEE Std 802.1Q(TM)-2018.

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1AX-2021

Link Aggregation allows parallel point-to-point links to be used as if they were a single link and also supports the use of multiple links as a resilient load-sharing interconnect between multiple nodes in two separately administered networks. This standard defines a MAC-independent Link Aggregation capability and provides general information relevant to specific MAC types.

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-3:2021/Amd 4-2021

This amendment to IEEE Std 802.3-2018 adds Physical Layer (PHY) specifications and management parameters for 50 Gb/s, 200 Gb/s, and 400 Gb/s operation over single-mode fiber with reaches of at least 40 km.

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-3:2021/Amd8-2021

This amendment to IEEE Std 802.3-2018 adds physical layer specifications and 2.5 Gb/s, 5 Gb/s, and 10 Gb/s operation on a single balanced pair of ductors suitable for automotive applications.

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-1Q-2020/Amd31-2021

Enhancements to the configuration of time-sensitive streams are provided by this amendment to IEEE Std 8802.1Q-2018.

IEEE 802.1BA-2021

Profiles that select features, options, configurations, defaults, protocols, and procedures of bridges, stations, and LANs that are necessary to build networks that are capable of transporting time-sensitive audio and/or video data streams are defined in this standard.

IEEE/ISO/IEC 8802-3-2021

Ethernet local area network operation is specified for selected speeds of operation from 1 Mb/s to 400 Gb/s using a common media access control (MAC) specification and management information base (MIB). The Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD) MAC protocol specifies shared medium (half duplex) operation, as well as full duplex operation. Speed specific Media Independent Interfaces (MIIs) allow use of selected Physical Layer devices (PHY) for operation over coaxial, twisted pair or fiber optic cables, or electrical backplanes. System considerations for multisegment shared access networks describe the use of Repeaters that are defined for operational speeds up…

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