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IEEE/IEC P60079-30-1

This part of IEC 60079 specifies general and testing requirements for electrical resistance trace heaters for application in explosive atmospheres with the exclusion of those for Equipment Protection Level (EPL) Ga and Da. This standard covers trace heaters that comprise either factory or field (work-site) assembled units, and which may be series trace heaters, parallel trace heaters, trace heater pads, or trace heater panels that have been assembled and/or terminated in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This standard also includes requirements for termination assemblies and control methods used with trace heating systems. The explosive atmospheres referred to in this standard…

Standards for Trustworthy Autonomous Vehicles

Nurturing the Era of E2E Mobility as a Service Highly automated cars will be smart due to computerization and software embedded intelligence. They will communicate with each other and the […]

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