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This standard applies to applies to use of bushings as components of liquid immersed transformers and liquid immersed reactors. This standard does not apply to the following: - High-voltage cable terminations (potheads) - Bushings for circuit breakers - Bushings for instrument transformers including station service voltage transformers - Bushings for test transformers - Bushings in which the internal insulation is provided by a gas - Bushings applied with gaseous insulation (other than air at atmospheric pressure) external to the bushing - Bushings for automatic circuit reclosers and line sectionalizers - Bushings for dc applications


Within the context of the ISO/IEEE 11073 family of standards for device communication, this standard establishes a normative definition of communication between personal telehealth glucose meter devices and compute engines (e.g., cell phones, personal computers, personal health appliances, and set top boxes) in a manner that enables plug-and-play interoperability. It leverages appropriate portions of existing standards, including ISO/IEEE 11073 terminology, information models, application profile standards, and transport standards. It specifies the use of specific term codes, formats, and behaviors in telehealth environments restricting optionality in base frameworks in favor of interoperability. This standard defines a common core of communication functionality…

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