Tag: IEEE 1904

New Standard Allows Operators to Better Manage Ethernet Networks

IEEE 1904.2 Standard Aims to Reduce Costs and Improve Management of Connected Devices

New IEEE 802.3™ Standards Provide Platforms for the Next Ethernet Innovations

Steve Carlson, IEEE 802.3ch Task Force ChairCurtis Knittle, IEEE 802.3ca Task Force ChairGlen Kramer, IEEE 1904 Working Group Chair

Ethernet Passive Optical Networks – The FTTx Success Story

On 20 April 2012, the IEEE SA Corporate Advisory Group (CAG) sponsored the IEEE P1904.1™ SIEPON Seminar entitled Ethernet Passive Optical Networks (EPON) – The FTTx Success Story. The FREE…

SIEPON takes FTTx to the next level

Over 30 million subscribers are currently using 1G-EPON, or “Ethernet Passive Optical Networks.” If you think those numbers are high, industry experts say that 10 million more may soon be…

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